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The CVLT of the Hadron Lamb

Concept: “The director of the L.A.M.B. project, Dr. Seraphima, Had her brains blown out by a 1.4 petaelectronvolts proton beam. The parts of her brain which tethered her to reality and sanity, anyway. Now, she's the revered leader of an exponentially growing cult. Daily, Dozens of hopeful disciples enter the L.A.M.B. to have their craniums fried, hoping to awaken something that elevates them above NPC status. Through the usual back channels, Dr. Daevy hired disposable punks to take care of the situation in a violent fashion. Alas, for now, they all died or joined the CVLT of the Hadron Lamb.”
Content: 48 pages of jaw-dropping inspiration–a full adventure to seek out the head of a strange cult who keeps turning her enemies into acolytes, with tons of exciting seeds and ideas for further exploration.
Writing: Eichhorn manages to wield an impressive variety of styles and voices that provide impressive depth and nuance to the range of subjects covered from one page to the next. 
Art/Design: Artpunk spreads that feel at home alongside the rulebook. Each set of pages evokes a distinct facet of the grimy cyberpunk aesthetic and philosophy that draws players to the game–it’s as easy to be drawn in to the intriguing layouts as it is to the writing.
Usability: For a quick skim-and-find experience, look elsewhere–but consider a shift in reading orientation. This adventure is deeply engaging and requires the reader to attend closely to the combination of writing and design if they are to successfully GM it.