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The G-Man's Guide to Living, Breathing, & Lasting in CY

Concept: “This Zine features 66 different locations (not 36, not d66, not 100, not 1, but 66) all across the CY, split into 11 different categories to aid all of your different encounters. Each has a description that encapsulates most things about it & a name (ex:  HOLE IN THE OCEAN ). Every location (be it a club, a market or an industrial harbor) has a suggested "theme", a song which the G-man thought would fit perfectly to set the mood during gameplay.”
Content: A collection of location descriptions–fixer spots, combat clubs, industrial megaplexes, and more–that add a wide variety of flavors to the CY cityscape.
Writing: Each location writeup is a single paragraph of intensely atmospheric color that focuses as much on the essential being/purpose of each place as on physical description/explanation.
Art/Design: Three versions are provided: a dark themed “printer killer” version, a light themed “ink vegan” version, and a plain text version. For the first two versions, each page displays a similar-but-distinct aesthetic to present the relevant list items over a background image that illustrates that list’s focus.
Usability: Distinct headings are provided on each page, and the body text is mostly high-contrast with the background image color, although there are some areas where the text may be difficult to read due to color choices and/or busy graphic elements (which sometimes is clearly intentional). The plain text version has helpfully noted breaks for each list/page.