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The Gorgon Pit

Concept: “Something slithers in the forgotten sewers beneath the city. A strange creature that turns people to stone. A corporation that would control it. Cultists that worship it like a god. A gang hell-bent on revenge. All will drown in the filth of…The Gorgon Pit”
Content: A job to investigate a sewer-dwelling monster, themed around ancient Greek myth.
Writing: Lots of descriptive detail surrounding numerous aspects of the gig, from potential employers and their motives to unfolding events whenever a particular area of the sewer is traversed. 
Art/Design: Single- and double-column black-on-white content layouts with an aesthetic that closely resembles much of the Mörk Borg design style, from font types to neoclassical lithographs. A full map of the job location is provided, and map segments (for different areas) are included on the page for their relevant area.
Usability: Font choices are visually readable and reflect distinct kinds of content (headings, labels, etc.). However, text is not embedded, so searching/selecting is not possible.