Ex Libris CY_BORG A directory of content, tools, and resources


Concept: “War makes money, at the end of the day, and the corps of CY are interested in anything that makes money, no matter how many cadavers will be piled up alongside those heaps of cash. “
Content: An arsenal of material–enemies, squad makeups, potential job seeds, environmental tables, and more–with which to make corps even more terrifying, overwhelming, omnipresent, and all-around dangerous.
Writing: A mix of informative mechanics and in-universe flavorful commentary on each entry that balances black humor on the edge of bleakness.
Art/Design: Simple black-on-white single-column layout over fourteen pages.
Usability: Visually distinct and consistent font and text decoration choices, along with helpful whitespace use, result in an easily navigable document.