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Cat Sith Press


Concept: “Your biology is no longer compatible with the industrialised planet around you; the toxins you’re exposed to daily burn your flesh and poison your organs. Lungs struggle to draw breath, your heart stutters like a dying fly, your blood corrodes your kidneys. The deadly atmosphere of Cy slowly eats away at your inferior meat. Fortunately for your withering body, GeneMed has long since perfected its procedures to install cybernetic biomechanical prosthetics. Thanks to GeneMed ’s groundbreaking biotech research, you can replace those useless chunks of meat. And thanks to GeneMed ’s astronomical finance rates, you’ll be paying off the debt for the rest of your life. For those who can afford the highly discriminatory price points, GeneMed also offers luxury, deisgner prostheses; ostentatious and opulent pieces of cybernetic technology, flaunted by the ultra rich like the latest fashion.”
Content: Rules for body modification debts for GeneMed parts, reaperdocs and unlicensed prostheses, and repo agent NPCs who might come knocking to reclaim their employer’s property.
Writing: Stark, ominous descriptive text and rules explanations that underscore the significance of dealing with GeneMed and its licensed agents.
Art/Design: Simple black-on-white single page layouts with strategic font choices and a corporate software landing page-style UI complete with logo/branding.
Usability: Cleanness of layout makes for easy perusal, especially when combined with bolded key terms and labels to call attention to important details a reader might be scanning for.
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