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Jean Verne

Protect Thy Neighbour

Concept: “In 20 hours Alliansen Inc. is sending an automated Xplorer Mk I , a heavily armoured drone operated by an AI, to clean up an old tower in Bigmosse. The drone will be deployed from the Security Centre in South Central and is to make its way to the housing block in the slums. This is a routine operation so unimportant that the only verification required is a geo-located live feed of the pile of rubble after the explosion. Which makes it the perfect occasion to put corpo property to public use.”
Content: An escort mission perfect for fans of two- and four-wheeled mayhem.
Writing: Focused and direct descriptions of involved parties, locations, events, and conditions that should help kick GMing this adventure into high gear.
Art/Design: Trifold layout (with a screen-based version as well) with a cityscape image serving as a general map for the escort route.
Usability: High-contrast fore/ground with occasional blue highlighting, bolded text, and particular fonts used to indicate different and specific kinds of content throughout the pamphlet.

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