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Kyle Tam

Idols of Flesh and Silicon

Concept: “In the foggy streets of a not-so-distant future, where entertainers are churned out by the minute, rare is the talent that can rise above the rest. One whose personality is not refined by a focus group but stands head and shoulders above the rabble. You are not that talent. Perhaps once you were beneath the glare of the spotlights. But now? Now you're just another resident of Cy, scraping together enough creds to make it through the week.”
Content: A supplement that contains (1) "Fading Idol," a class for the rocker, diva, or triple threat who’s ready to do or destroy whatever’s necessary for one more moment in the spotlight; and (2) "Virtua Girls," a trio of NPCs with a wide range of potential for emotional engagements with PCs from the maudlin to the horrific.
Writing: Concise descriptions support explanations of thematically focused mechanics/features, with (for the Virtua Girls) a mix of endearing and ominous descriptions of the models that opens up all manner of possibility for incorporation into adventures/encounters.
Art/Design: For the Fading Idol class, two-page spread layout with class details (white text on a blue/purple background) surrounding a central image of two singers in black silhouette. For the Virtua Girls, a wide two-page spread with one page of white on pink, the other white on black. Page 1 includes a manga-style schoolgirl virtua girl in its center, with class information surrounding it.
Usability: Class features are laid out in recognizably distinct sections and elements to help a player build an exciting, unique character. NPC details are very easy to recognize and navigate, and the slight change in style from page 1 to page 2 helps orient the reader to the potential for sheer terror of the third virtua girl model.

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