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Job Gobber

Concept: “In Cy_Borg, become infected with a terrible nanovirus that generates constant and strange glitches, corrupting and changing everything it comes into contact with. Glitches about when you become the JOB GOBBER.”
Content: A class for the goblin-loving punk who embraces the chaos of existing in CY.
Writing: Balance of tongue-in-cheek personality/flavor and intriguing mechanical effects/features. 
Art/Design: Bright colors (green, pink, orange) and black, with an illustration of the working goblin in the center of a widescreen spread, the right half of the page providing class-related text content  and the left half of the page describing a similar class for another game.
Usability: Color and patterns are quite busy on the page, but all text is included in high contrast form between text color and background.
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