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Hacked Barista Bot

Concept: “Maybe it was kidnapped from its daily coffee grind serving [###]’s coffee to corpo stiffs, maybe it was freed. Once a dutiful servant, this menial automaton is now something much more. Somebody filled the milk steamer with industrial corrosives and loaded the thing with enough malware to knock over a small corporate arcology. To what end?”
Content: A deadly and, arguably, tragic take on exploitation of the working class in CY.
Writing: A mix of straightforward explanations and darkly humorous nods to the absurdity of the creature’s premise. 
Art/Design: Three columns–two of the creature details around a central computer-generated image of a barista bot in an industrial environment.
Usability: High-contrast content has a consistent color scheme and easily recognizable organization. However, the file is only available as a .png, so the text is non-selectable and inaccessible to a screen reader.
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