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The Eldritch Tomb

Rule 00.2

Concept: “YOU CAN WORK FOR COPS, CORPORATIONS, THE GOVERNMENT, THE MILITARY, AND ANYONE IN POWER. However, they will Fuck you, Betray you, And probably kill you.”
Content: A set of compensation-related rules for the players/GMs who have decided that their cyberpunk game would work best if they served, rather than fought against, corporations and similar systems of power.
Writing: Speaking truth to power through a table of “rewards” that come from working as a stooge.
Art/Design: Yellow and red on black in a single-column organization, with an ASCII image on page 2.
Usability: Immediately visually evident organization of distinct sections of content, with font faces, sizes, and colors indicating body text vs. labels vs. headings. Helpful reminders throughout point to the goals of and reasons for this particular set of rules.
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