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Vandal J. Arden


Concept: “Following on my former Rules summary, here comes the CY_BORG rules in condensed form for reference. It is a fragment, without any lore or gaming content, yet useful at the table for quick referencing during play.“
Content: Two versions of the CY_BORG rules/mechanics: one in a single-page three-column layout and one in a four-page two-column layout, which includes character creation rules and a few additional details not found in the single-page version.
Writing: N/A (text content from CY_BORG rulebook)
Art/Design: Each version has its own clean, recognizable visual style–the single-page version using a sans-serif font and the four-page version using a serif font.
Usability: Headings, lists, labels, and other elements are all visually distinct and consistent.
Tools PWYW
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