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100 CY_BORG Characters #2

Concept: “Introducing ‘100 CY_BORG Characters #2’ – the perfect companion for your CY_BORG gaming sessions, designed to add depth and flavor to your adventures in this cyberpunk world. If you're a fan of CY_BORG, this supplement is a must-have addition to your collection. 
Inside this resource, you'll find a collection of 100 NPCs, each complete with their own names, goals, stats, and personalities. These characters are tailor-made to fit seamlessly into your CY_BORG campaigns, whether you're a veteran player or just starting out.”
Content: One hundred NPCs with which to populate Cy–complete with descriptions, personalities, stats, and motives.
Writing: Character details are terse but potent, allowing for a GM to make effective use of them at a table.
Art/Design: A full-color illustration of a cyberpunk-looking figure is on the cover page. Otherwise, details are provided as white-on-black text/background (and as a separate black-on-white version) in a single-column numbered list with bulleted subpoints.
Usability: Details are provided clearly and consistently, with text in a high-contrast visually readable font.