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100 CY_BORG Megacorps

Concept: “Ruling high over the scum who wander the city of CY, Megacorps are the true power in the city. Most if not all are in debt to at least one of them, while everyone relies on them for what they need..as well as the vices that help them tune out. More than the gangs, the police, or rival teams, its the Megacorps and their CEOs who are the real enemy of all the powerless who call CY home. Here are 100 different corps and their CEOs to help you run your next CY_BORG game!”
Content: A set of one hundred corporations that contribute to making Cy as terrible a place as it is.
Writing: Each megacorp is provided with a brief overview of its area of industrial expertise and its CEO, along with the CEO’s public persona and secret goal.
Art/Design: White-on-black and black-on-white versions are both included; for each, megacorp entries are single-column text with bullet points. A full-color cityscape image is provided on the first page.
Usability: Text is high-contrast and in a visually readable font, with the list entries consistently presented (overall numbering and arrangement of bullet-point data).