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Concept: “Wanted to include mental struggles in your gameplay but didn't know how? Well, the new STRESS mechanic does just that: allows you (as the GM) to have characters get stressed out when they get their limbs cut off, their partner dies, their gun jams, their food tastes nasty, they're sitting in a piss-filled bar, the drink tastes like gasoline and any other stressful situation!”
Content: A set of rules to deal with the potential stress/strain of adding more and more cybertech in a single body.
Writing: A balanced mix of definition/description and mechanics to explain how each stressor and effect can impact a punk through both roleplay and dice rolls.
Art/Design: Colorful landscape-oriented pages with white text on a translucent content container shape to increase contrast with background colors/patterns.
Usability: Distinct content sections help indicate distinct purposes for each, with visually apparent headings. Background image/pattern noise might impact some readability. Text is not embedded, so searching/selecting is not possible.