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Concept: “Probably more metal than person by now. Your skin has the sheen of circuits, the smell of ozone. You’ve devoted your life to a cause. You fight, you pray, you train, you mod. You scream. You rage. But at what?”
Content: A class for the techno-paladin who’s on a mission, even if no one else can understand it.
Writing: Numerous options are concisely described, especially to suggest different armor/weapon upgrades with straightforward mechanical effects & explanations.
Art/Design: An illustration of a neon-highlighted, heavily armored cyknight surrounded by different tables/lists of class features/options. Mostly white text on a black background with neon-colored headings. 
Usability: High-contrast text/ground color options increase readability, although sheer amount of text and its arrangement around the cyknight illustration might be confusing for some. Some lines are provided as borders between tables, and text color distinctions help as well, but text indentation can be inconsistent and affect navigation across page.