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Cylitary De.file//ment

Concept: “This supplement is meant to translate the fantastic solo rules and oracles from Sölitary Defilement and Alone In the Crowd by 1d10+5, and Sölitary Depths by Chaoclypse (Brandon Yu).”
Content: A set of rules for solitary Cy_Borg play based on several other third-party rules supplements. 
Writing: Direct, accessible explanations of rules presented alongside throngs of tables and oracles to facilitate solo play.
Art/Design: Two versions provided: one full-color landscape-oriented version and one plain black-on-white single-column portrait-oriented version.
Usability: Full-color version pages/slides differ in color scheme, with mostly high-contrast text (although the text is not embedded, so no searching or selecting). Plain version text is fully searchable.