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Ghost in a Cydroid

Concept: “Your mind orbits 20,000km above the world. A tangle of artificial neurons trapped in a discontinued militech satellite. THEY WON’T LET YOU REST. Instead you’re forced to exist in prototype cydroid units. Protocols stop you from killing yourself, but they won’t stop someone putting a bullet in your head. Like a roach you keep coming back; a new body to replace the scrap left behind. Maybe the next resurrection will be the last…”
Content: A class for the claustrophobic technophile ready to go out with a bang. 
Writing: Maudlin tones serve pointed explanations of class abilities to inspire players.
Art/Design: Sleek layout in a movie poster/VHS-box style that entices in both full-color (with a rainbow effect) and grayscale versions. 
Usability: Inviting presentation of class details supported by section divisions and text embellishments to facilitate reading/navigation.