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Roll the Bones

Entropy Cycle: Fragmentation Protocol

Concept: “The world has ended too many times. A copy of a copy of a copy. Something was bound to break. On the plus side there's a bunch of weird shit the mess around with.”
Content: Preview/excerpt of an as-yet unreleased supplement that includes a class (“Glitch Thief”), a set of “anomalous relics” with positive and negative qualities, NPCs, and a custom PC sheet.
Writing: Each spread is filled with inventive and interesting flavor and mechanics that might cause some players to weigh their decisions about whether and how to make use of particular options/features.
Art/Design: A set of two-page spreads with distinct layouts and color schemes, each of which balances a page of text and a page of illustration.
Usability: High-contrast text on each page, with distinct font choices and decoration to indicate different blocks’ or phrases’ purposes (e.g., label, key information, NPC stat). Text on the custom sheet is not embedded, so no searching/selecting is possible there.

FULL AUTO - Vehicle Engagement Rules for CY_Borg

Concept: “Jailbreak your ride and take to the streets with the FULL AUTO vehicle rules for Cy_BORG […] FULL AUTO gives punks a straightforward set of rules with enough crunch to create engaging car chases through the streets or canals of CY.”
Content: A wide range of inspired vehicular rules packed into eight pages (full-size, mini-booklet, and plain text versions). 
Writing: Concise, direct rule explanations surrounded by hilarious software-glitch flavor text.
Art/Design: A technicolor mix of mock digital UI and roadside aesthetics that manages to suggest both unique layouts/pages and consistency throughout the document.
Usability: Recognizable organization on each page and high contrast text (although white on red on one page might be difficult for some readers) makes for an engaging and enjoyable experience. Plain text version allows for incredibly easy reading and selecting/searching.

Ghost in a Cydroid

Concept: “Your mind orbits 20,000km above the world. A tangle of artificial neurons trapped in a discontinued militech satellite. THEY WON’T LET YOU REST. Instead you’re forced to exist in prototype cydroid units. Protocols stop you from killing yourself, but they won’t stop someone putting a bullet in your head. Like a roach you keep coming back; a new body to replace the scrap left behind. Maybe the next resurrection will be the last…”
Content: A class for the claustrophobic technophile ready to go out with a bang. 
Writing: Maudlin tones serve pointed explanations of class abilities to inspire players.
Art/Design: Sleek layout in a movie poster/VHS-box style that entices in both full-color (with a rainbow effect) and grayscale versions. 
Usability: Inviting presentation of class details supported by section divisions and text embellishments to facilitate reading/navigation.

System GLich

Concept: “Hiding in the pixels at the edge of your RCD. An undead error made manifest. Hard to see. Harder to kill. Shoot at the static in the rain.”
Content: A glitch-wielding ghost in the machine.
Writing: Brief but intensely haunting and thrilling explanation of creature abilities and description.
Art/Design: Neon pink static-based design serves as central motif for spread, with relevant text off to the side.
Usability: Content is easy to navigate and read, with consistent presentation of body text and labels.
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