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Gravestone Graffiti 2: Unencrypted names for the neon world of CY_BORG

Concept: “You can never have enough new character names. This one-page PDF with 100 names, 100 aliases, 19 origins and thousands of possible serial numbers is intended for the world of CY_BORG, but can work in any sci-fi or cyberpunk setting. Print it and bring it to the table. Your gravestone will thank you.”
Content: Several tables for generating names, aliases, origins, and serial numbers.
Writing: Table data contains a wide range of choices both exceptional and mundane. 
Art/Design: Black-on-white organization with minimal graphics (an icon to distinguish each table) and simple table ornamentation.
Usability: Tables are consistently and easily laid out and distinguished from one another, with names and aliases alphabetized for an additional means of navigation.