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Impudent Dolph

Concept: “First, they razed our habitats in pursuit of ‘progress’ and ‘profit’. Then they sank a hab-city as recompense? No. Their motives haven’t changed. This is  exploitation. The seas are ending!!!”
Content: A class for uplifted dolphins or fans of Jones from Johnny Mnemonic, both fed up with human oppression.
Writing: Incredibly tight world-building descriptions and mechanics that inject even more possibility into an awe-inspiring idea.
Art/Design: Pixel art (of two different kinds of D.O.L.P.H.s!) and terminal-style font choices, combined with bright color choices against a dark background, makes for a striking layout.
Usability: Easy to navigate document and recognize different kinds of content and how to interpret them (e.g., description vs. mechanic vs. effect). File is a .png, so text can’t be interpreted by a screen reader or copied/pasted into a VTT sheet.