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Jet Skaters

Concept: “Part of the Street Death series and inspired by Jetset Radio, graffiti culture and skateboard competitions, Jet Skaters is a Cy_Borg supplement that adds the cool kids pasttime, skateboarding with hover boards, grind rails, half pipes and possibly actually attacking others.
Grab your deck, roll your trick tests and spend your trick points (that let you make more trick tests) and become a master shredder!”
Content: A set of rules for nailing sick skating tests and all-around thrashing to create some sparks of joy on the otherwise soul-crushing streets of CY.
Writing: Straightforward, informative mechanics should get players quickly situated to show off what they can do or die trying. Tables for boards and board designs offer hints at some unique character dimensions.
Art/Design: Black on green single-column layout across several pages with two tables. 
Usability: Headings are italicized for distinction from body text, although the body text leans a bit obliquely. Sections of content are separated from one another with ample white space, and the tables use alternating background shades of green to help with readability/navigability.