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Johnny Bubonic

Concept: “Gort Phaserbekker, former front man for the mega-hit deathcore-noize band ACCESSORY TO INSANITY, has a special request for the PCs: kidnap the guy who replaced him. ACCESSORY TO INSANITY is playing a show at the “highly exclusive” Club Mint tomorrow night. Phaserbekker can get the PCs some tickets—aside from that, they’re on their own. He doesn’t give a shit how the job gets done: his only stipulation is that the target is returned alive.”
Content: A revenge mission to kidnap a musician who’s made his predecessor a has-been.
Writing: Packed full of details about goings-on at the club to provide a table with multiple sessions of fun while pursuing their target.
Art/Design: Wide two-page spread with a map of the club on the right, an illustration of a musician at the bottom, and several columns of text regarding the mission, the location, random events, NPC stats, and more.
Usability: Text is easily scannable and readable, with consistent presentation to ensure identification of desired info.