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Luckless Entrepreneur

Concept: “You're a genius inventor, the spark to ignite a new age. It's not your fault that everyone refuses to acknowledge it, the ingrates. Somehow you just never quite have the funding, the drive, the time, or some mixture of the three. It's only natural, with backers tapping their watches and sharpening their knives, that you might turn to a little extra-curricular activity to fill in the gaps to finally bring your dream project to life.  (Comes in Squeaky Clean and Classic Yellow.)”
Content: A class for the sad sack who’s one billion-credit idea away from greatness.
Writing: Tongue-in-cheek class features provide mechanical and flavorful options for takes on a relatable archetype.
Art/Design: “Classic look” version is yellow-on-black-on-yellow with pink labels and key mechanics details over a background of rejection stamps. “Squeaky clean” look is black-on-white with bold and italics for emphasis.
Usability: High-contrast text is easy to read and scan for desired information, and white space and text decoration consistently distinguishes different sections of content.