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Mia's Day Off

Concept: “Masato Dvorak, a Virid Vipers crime lord, needs someone to take Mia Dvorak—his wife—out for the day. He instructs the PCs to bring Mia to the Kaytell Makers Proudly Presents: Fun!™ corpo-amusement park; their job is to keep Mia safe—and, perhaps more importantly, entertained—during their visit. Mia has had a few of these “outings” in the past, and she’s yet to have a caretaker survive. Word around the campfire is that her last one, Antwan, ended up ‘thrown off a building into a glass motherfuckin’ house. Since then, he’s kind of developed a speech impediment…’”
Content: The PCs get hired to babysit a crime lord’s daughter, and fun ensues.
Writing: Concise, informative details about the mission, NPCs, and relevant events to complicate matters.
Art/Design: Four columns of content across a wide one-page layout, with a map of the amusement park on the far right. An illustration of Mia and of roller skaters complements mission text. A player handout of the amusement park map is also included.
Usability: Consistent presentation–headings/labels, whitespace, and borders–makes it easy to identify and distinguish sections of content and important details (NPCs, stats, etc.).