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Concept: “Artificial intelligence has had a divine vision. It is seeking to hire a group of punks to deliver it to the ancient Hill of Neon Crosses located in the center of the forbidden GO district. To fullfil their task, punks will have to deal with a research blacksite and delve into THE NET deep within the Hill Of NEON Crosses.”
Content: A job to deliver an AI payload into an auspicious site in G0.
Writing: A mix of darkly ominous and tongue-in-cheek tones that hew closely to the core Cy_Borg spirit.
Art/Design: Mostly black-on-white spreads with one to two columns of content, with almost every page complemented by neon hand-drawn and glitch-art graphics.
Usability: Consistent presentations of text and page layouts with distinct content sections make for easy perusal and identification of desired information.