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Nightcrawler Geisha

Concept: “You can't feel the warm breeze. You can't really remember the sensation either but what you can feel is anger. That's never left despite the countless body mods that stripped away your flesh, for something better. The contract was a wash and you're strung out. You promise your self that's the last time you take orders from the family. Make them regret letting you loose. Make them beg you to let them live.”
Content: A class for fans of cybernetically enhanced, Japanese-themed servants-turned-assassins.
Writing: Vividly descriptive class features and mechanics that juxtapose the PC’s facade and their essential nature/purpose.
Art/Design: Two-page spread with two columns of text beside an image of a woman in traditional Japanese attire.
Usability: Crisp, high-contrast fore and ground with immediately identifiable sections and headings that enable easy use of content.