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Noize Weaponz

Concept: “Part of the Street Death series and inspired by Jetset Radio, graffiti culture and skateboard competitions, Noize Weaponz is a Cy_Borg supplement that adds 2 audio weapons that ignore armour, deafen enemies and play in stereo.
With the rifle esque NoisBlaster and the explosive EMP 3 Player you can melt the ears off of any enemy and if you save up enough you can augment your listening experience with equalizer settings to buff the damage of your base cannons!“
Content: Three equipment options (two weapons and an upgrade) for engaging in sonic warfare with one’s enemies or victims.
Writing: Terse, crisp explanations of weapon abilities and their effects on those nearby.
Art/Design: Colorful pixel art and a pixel-style font (black on green) across two pages.
Usability: Consistent organization of content throughout the supplement allows for quick navigation and identification of desired information, from item name to credits to effects.