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Obsolete Dumpster Diver

Concept: “You were state-of-the-art for an instant, until the new model made you OBSOLETE and they threw you away. Now, you scour the cy-waste pits searching for operable cast-off mods and implants to combat your CONTRIVED DURABILITY.”
Content: A class for the DIY/found-art self-improvement addict. 
Writing: Class details focus on mechanics explanations with bursts of powerfully thematic descriptors. 
Art/Design: Eye-searing pink and yellow contrasts well with black background and comparatively muted white text on this two-page spread. Illustration of an example obsolete dumpster diver serves as a centerpiece for idea generation.
Usability: Class information is easy to read and navigate, with excellent use of text tracking to indicate important ability-related information.