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Pale Faced Dancer

Concept: “Dancing the night away, you consider yourself a creature of the shadows, child of ancient necromantic bloodsuckers. Whether these claims are true or not is yet unknown.”
Content: A class for the punk who loves the night life. Also includes a hangout/club, the Dreamhouse, for CY’s Gost scene.
Writing: Succinct descriptions and explanations of class features that illuminate character and location potential.
Art/Design: Two spreads of white and pink on black, with an illustration of pale faced dancers on the right side of page 1 and a city skyline image in the center of page 2. Text columns frame each image.
Usability: Visually, information is easily recognizable, with distinct sections of content relatable to others. Color and text decoration choices emphasize headings and key information labels. Text on page 2 is selectable/searchable, but text on page 1 is not.