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Roxanne B.

Fungal Priest

Concept: “You have been blessed with the touch of GOD. GOD, in this case, is a fungal growth deep below the City. It hungers for new converts, to spread and grow. You accepted its gift, and now bear the scars of your awakening.”
Content: A class for the zealous collector of spores, molds, and fungus.
Writing: A rhizome-licious mix of terse mechanics, humorous descriptions of class features, and horrifying labels.
Art/Design: A two-page spread with an abstract illustration and general class introduction on the left, and class features/tables on the right.
Usability: Color-coded text to distinguish headings and stats from body text, and distinct font choices for each section of body text, assists with identifying and locating desired info.

Pale Faced Dancer

Concept: “Dancing the night away, you consider yourself a creature of the shadows, child of ancient necromantic bloodsuckers. Whether these claims are true or not is yet unknown.”
Content: A class for the punk who loves the night life. Also includes a hangout/club, the Dreamhouse, for CY’s Gost scene.
Writing: Succinct descriptions and explanations of class features that illuminate character and location potential.
Art/Design: Two spreads of white and pink on black, with an illustration of pale faced dancers on the right side of page 1 and a city skyline image in the center of page 2. Text columns frame each image.
Usability: Visually, information is easily recognizable, with distinct sections of content relatable to others. Color and text decoration choices emphasize headings and key information labels. Text on page 2 is selectable/searchable, but text on page 1 is not.

The Society for Free Minds

Concept: “DO YOU WISH TO SEE THE UNKNOWN? A dash of conspiratorial thinking for your next CY_BORG game. Contains a table of weird things to find on the NET, two UFO themed enemies, equipment, and a bunch of references to sci-fi and horror.”
Content: A zine featuring governmental and alien menaces, a table of interesting net discoveries, and several items.
Writing: A balanced mix of unsettling horror and tongue-in-cheek humor presented as a mostly in-universe document.
Art/Design: Dark gray on light yellow/tan scheme (reflecting printed homemade zine aesthetic) with one- and two-column layouts of text, accompanied by cartoon and silhouette illustrations of enemies, items, and more.
Usability: High fore/ground contrast and font choices make for easy reading, with larger headings and handwritten marginal notes consistently applied throughout.
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