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Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist

Concept: “You shun everything that smacks of the modern world and believe some pretty stupid shit ... and yet ... ‘stupid does’, and you occasionally manage to carry out some unbelievable exploits. You probably live in some shithole, eating from a can, and since you are totally convinced THEY are out to get you, stockpiling weapons has become a habit.”
Content: A class for the ancient astronaut theorist in all of us.
Writing: A mix of partially theorist-oriented raving (reflected in tabloid-style headings) and straightforward explanation of class features and mechanics. Labels for assorted features illustrate the class’s likely personality very effectively.
Art/Design: Mostly single-column text in a black-and-white color scheme with red highlights that evokes tabloid headlines and layouts (assisted by the language of those headings).
Usability: Distinct sections are clearly marked and organized in boxes/sections, with font choices and sizing helping to indicate relationships of labels to relevant content.