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RCD Graffiti

Concept: “Part of the Street Death series and inspired by Jetset Radio, graffiti culture and skateboard competitions, RCD Graffiti is a Cy_Borg supplement that adds 7 pieces of street art that give various buffs to your character.
Everything from bonus melee damage when spraying and scanning a satanic emblem to casting Nano easier when painting a radioactive symbol to just general graffiti that angers the corporations!“
Content: A set of graffiti tags to spray along with optional rules that allow for spraying those tags to create temporary (24-hour) buffs.
Writing: Conversationally informative and intensely flavorful explanations of graffiti in CY and how these particular tags function.
Art/Design: Black on green single-column layout with full-color pixel art graffiti tags above their buffing effects. Each tag is also provided with its own heading/label in a distinct font reflective of its general aesthetic.
Usability: Fonts are readable and organization is simple and consistently applied, leading to a simple set of rules to easily incorporate into a game of Cy_Borg.