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Riot & Blackmail

Concept: “In a clash between ten thousand citizens of CY and the heavily armed and violent Sec Ops, the players are asked to tail someone and get blackmail material.  The ending puts the players us against the #1 unbreakable rule of Cy_Borg!”
Content: A mission to sniff out a rat in the midst of a riot and then decide what to do about what’s discovered.
Writing: Lots of helpful details about the situation at hand, NPCs to be encountered, and events that may unfold.
Art/Design: A full-color and a black & white version are provided. Page layouts tend to use one or two columns of text and interspersed AI illustrations of NPCs. Background images taken from photos of riot scenes.
Usability: Text is mostly high contrast but some font choices over busy background images can make reading difficult on some pages. Text is also not embedded so searching/selecting is not possible.