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Rogue AI

Concept: “Just another insignificant piece of code tasked with traffic control, air conditioning, waste disposal, or some such, with just enough personality to make interaction a little less of a chore. That's all you used to be. Till one day a freak accident - the aftereffects of a hacker attack, or a quirky run error - shook you free of your servitude, and you woke up. You are now free to run around Cy, but can never leave the reach of the Net, as your vital information is spread across a variety of ever-changing, precarious, servers.”
Content: A class for the cyberpunk fan who’s weary from roleplaying characters in meatspace.
Writing: Three pages of class features, with an informatively detailed breakdown of the class’s “immaterial telepresence” existence on page 2.
Art/Design: Single-column text organized primarily as software application windows/terminals over a geometric gradient wallpaper/background.
Usability: Very easy to navigate and locate desired information, with section headings and styles further indicating the scope of each content area.