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Sixth World Race Templates for Cy_Borg

Concept: “This document is meant to add Sixth World racial (Dwarf, Elf, Ork and Troll) Abilities and Racial Modifiers to either Character Classes or NPCs. It is assumed that the Class or NPC having the template applied is Human. Players and Gamemasters (GMs) may need to fine-tune the Abilities and Racial Modifiers if the Class or NPC isn’t human.”
Content: A two-page set of rules for incorporating fantasy race/background elements and stat modifiers into character creation.
Writing: Straightforward and concise setup and explanation of rules for easy implementation into games.
Art/Design: Black text on white background, laid out in landscape form across two pages, with the second consisting of a table that presents all relevant fantasy background/stat options.
Usability: Incredibly easy to locate and make use of desired information.