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Symptom of Aggression World Tour

Concept: “Did you hear, everyone's least fucking favorite, overly popular, shit sucking poser ass band “Symptom of Aggression” is going on tour for like the 40 billionth time.  I can't believe all the complete fucking idiot ass gob noblers in this trash fire of a city listen to that inaudible dreck!  I mean like, every asshole in that band has just had controversy after controversy, its totally sickening. I guess that's the kind of immoral audio diarrhea that turns people on these... these waning miserable days. People and their lack of compassion, on top of everything else, it just makes me loose all hope.  Man, this city fucking sucks.................. -RAWsum”
Content: An encounter/scenario involving a touring band and their massive bus, complete with band member NPC details and potential reasons for getting involved.
Writing: A refreshing mix of straightforward description and vivid, characterful condemnation of Symptom of Aggression.
Art/Design: Harsh, brightly colored illustrations of the tour bus and NPCs and two versions of maps of the bus (GM and player-facing alike), with relevant text in all directions and embellished with scrawled shapes and figures. 
Usability: Pages are busy, which reflects the high-energy nature of the atmosphere, and text has strong contrast with background. Angled lines of text may be difficult for screen readers or copying/pasting attempts.