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The Derelict Android

Concept: “Purpose-made. A monument to corporate ingenuity. The modern slave. You’ve lived well beyond your best-by date. Now, there are newer, flashier models doing your old job better than you ever could. So, the old master littered you into the city like the dreg of silicon and flesh you are.”
Content: A class for the forsaken and abandoned who want to find and create meaning post-obsolescence.
Writing: Crisp description establishes class features/details and underscores the precarity of life as product/property.
Art/Design: Muted but powerful color scheme with a 1980s font choice vibe from the title; close-up of android face with gaunt, damaged features focuses attention on the punk philosophy informing CY_BORG.
Usability: Spread layout uses contrast well to distinguish text blocks, and highlights emphasize mechanics.