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Concept: “A 14+6 page Murder Mystery with: d6 Rumors, 3+ Cases, Puzzles, 4 Big Maps, 3+ NPCs, & 1 Killer Bunnyman; Inspired by the BUNNYMAN urban legend for CY Borg's Urban Legend Jam.”
Content: A mission to hunt a serial killer across a series of ominous locations. “Digital,” “print,” and "bare bones" versions provided along with an asset/maps booklet.
Writing: Vivid descriptions and helpful guidance for GMs make for a dark but entertaining experience.
Art/Design: Primarily a dark color scheme, with white text on black and black text on white/gray elements, while pink and red accent headings and images. Numerous scenic illustrations and NPC portraits bring myriad dimensions of the mystery to life.
Usability: Fonts in each version are readable and fully embedded, which facilitates searching or selecting text–especially content that is arranged perpendicular to the default orientation.