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The Drone Collector

Concept: “A minor security intervention in the neighbouring district of Bigmosse has inadvertently spilled over into Svärta. Alliansen’s head of security operations, a Ms. Ah, has instructed you to retrieve one of their drones that was damaged and wandered off.”
Content: A mission to locate and abstain a drone somewhere in a semi-decrepit neighborhood. 
Writing: Copious amounts of detail bring the neighborhood to life, from building and business descriptions to NPC motives & likely actions and beyond.
Art/Design: An overhead map of the locale in orange on black precedes the text, which appears in several high-contrast layout configurations, with an illustration of a threatening pair of eyes appearing amid info about an important NPC and environmental conditions.
Usability: Text is readable throughout, with bold text and color choices emphasizing eadings/labels, key terms, and phrases that a GM should attend to, especially given the amount of text content across these pages.