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The Lair of Eucalyptus

NOTE: This content is no longer available.

Concept: “In this adventure, you will face close encounters with the rulers of CY_. Assault their ghostly dwellings but, behold! The Hills abound in living Urban Legends. These sophisticated terrors are inspired by the ancient Colombian tradition. <>”
Content: A heist to retrieve untold riches from a well-secured mansion.
Writing: Unbelievable amounts of detail regarding the job parameters, NPCs, random encounters, locations, and dialogue with multiple outcomes.
Art/Design: Mostly single-column text layout over a background pattern made from a simple color-coded map of the region.
Usability: Text is high-contrast and in a readable font, with consistent presentation throughout of headings and labels. Map is provided at multiple points in the document, which reduces the need to flip through entire file to make use of it.