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The Legend of the Goatman

Concept: “Deep in the Net, a daemon inhabits a bridge. A deal is a deal. The Goatman is an ancient AI of unknown origin - an entity designed solely to make deals. The purpose of the Goatman's deals are ultimately unknown, lost to time or purposeful obfuscation.”
Content: A scenario/set of rules for a deal-making daemon.
Writing: A mix of straightforward rules/mechanics explanations and an in-universe vignette framed as file contents about an unsuspecting punk’s encounters with the Goatman.
Art/Design: Two pages of three major columns/panels (potential trifold configuration). White, red, and green text on black, accompanied by two glitch-art illustrations of daemons.
Usability: Text is easy to read and navigate, with distinct visual markers for different kinds and sections of content (font choices, colors, sizes, etc.). Font selections also immediately make apparent which text describes the scenario and which serve as the vignette.