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The Reused

Concept: “Towering skeletons of cobbled together bones, each the fused together remains of shattered dreams. When the Undead and Corrupted die, their parts are swept together and taken to the infernal furnaces. Molten remains poured into vats of malice. What emerges is a foe with a mastery over explosive technology and explosive language. Adapting C.A.U tech that got the living into this mess in the first place, it flits around in flights of frenzy.”
Content: Undead creature + rocket-powered explosions = exciting fun for everyone.
Writing: Hilariously morbid descriptions and NPC features provide a ton of personality to the monster.
Art/Design: Blistering red background intensifies white text and the central image of a reused creature firing its shoulder-mounted rockets. 
Usability: Small white text on red might pose trouble for some, but it’s easy to recognize different kinds of content and how each contributes to an understanding of the creature and its mechanics.