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The Ultra Upset

Concept: “You have taken a gig from a rising leader named Yosel, a high-ranking member of one of Cy's most violent ultra firms. The firm's old leadership has to go, and you will be the people to make that happen. Infiltrate a stadium, sabotage a career, buy some merch! Play it cool and leave without a trace, or kick the door down and get net-famous. As you infiltrate deeper into the Duodrome, you will find unique loot, dangerous NPCs, and the dark secret keeping this streaming-sport operation together…”
Content: A job to humiliate a traitor in a Nechruball firm. 
Writing: Plenty of specifics, especially gritty sensory details, on the situation, relevant locations, and NPCs that the table might encounter while undertaking this mission. 
Art/Design: White-on-black design (except for two pages of tables in a green-text terminal aesthetic) with key terms emphasized in bright colors, and overhead maps are provided both as direct aids and as part of illustrations as blueprints pinned to a wall, and portraits breathe life into included major NPCs. 
Usability: Really intriguing consistent color use to highlight particular NPCs/entities as well as the source of specific mechanics/details. However, text is not embedded, so searching/selecting text or using a screen reader successfully aren’t possible.