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Unauthorized Biotechnician

Concept: “The union of mind and body is an incredible machine, gifted with unbelievable resources, most of which are not readily apparent. As a Biotech you can tap in these secret wells to enhance the body's efficiency, or smother the flame that animates it. Your tools are the tools given you by science: surgery, psychology, pharmacology, cybernetics... To what ends will you use this panoply?”
Content: A class for street docs, freelance paramedics, and back-alley barber-surgeons.
Writing: Terse descriptions that distill the essence of class features and mechanics.
Art/Design: Two pages of stark red and black on yellow with white highlights that keep class details as the focus, with a biohazard symbol and a silhouette image of a figure in a hazmat suit underscoring the work entailed by the class.
Usability: Easy to navigate and recognize different elements providing distinct purposes via specific color and font choices.