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Undertipped Barista

Concept: “people suck. you knew it before you took the job. now it's your religion. you draw hearts with foam. you take their inane and complex orders. you try to laugh at their banal jokes. it's a good day if they say thank you. it's a miracle if they leave you a single credit. you hate them.”
Content: A class for the food service worker who’s been all but ground into dust and is ready to burn everything to the ground in retaliation.
Writing: An overflowing venti’s worth of cynical flavor that brings the class to life. Class details are mostly terse (if appropriate!), but the “breaking point” table offers surprising depth in contrast.
Art/Design: An illustration of a barista serving a customer is surrounded by class features, all with a neon palette on a dark background.
Usability: Each section of content is easily distinguishable from the rest, with font color, type, and size choices indicating each heading/label.