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Upcycled Cyber-Undead

Concept: “You died. Through means fair or foul, you departed this plane of existence, of that you are mightily certain. Then? Your cyber-attachments brought you back online. Or maybe it was some sort of nanoplague or something. In any case, you’re back. Except no one wants you back. You smell bad. You sound bad. You look very, very bad indeed. You’re way too deep into the Uncanny Valley to pass as one of the living. Sorry.”
Content: A class for those inhabiting the venn diagram overlap of “zombie lover,” “cyborg-curious,” and “body horror fanatic.”
Writing: Class detail descriptions are not for the faint of heart but are a must-read for anyone vaguely interested in the idea, with dark humor balancing the gore with levity. Mechanics are concise and complement the descriptions well.
Art/Design: Eye-searing colors faithfully reflect the unsettling nature of the class concept, and a sketch of an upcycled cyber-undead further brings the idea to (un)life. Text is sectioned into boxes set askew with distinct color and font choices that indicate different purposes.
Usability: Askew text angles support recognition of distinct purposes for each text box, inviting closer examination of enticing class possibilities. However, text is non-selectable and inaccessible to a screen reader.