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Vat-grown Repli-clone

Concept: “Engineered to be better, stronger, faster; implanted with memories that are not your own; and genetically encoded to degrade at an accelerated rate. Live fast, die young embodied. And your time is almost up.”
Content: A class for the discarded or obsolete duplicant who wants their maker to pay for their profane hubris.
Writing: Drawing on iconic literature and film for its inspiration, class features are concisely packed with ideas to spur introspective and destructive roleplay.
Art/Design: Sleek spread layout of class details complemented amazingly with green/pink color scheme to highlight page elements, with a large background illustration of a vat-grown fetus to underscore the character’s origins. 
Usability: While there’s a lot happening on the page, it’s eminently readable, with high contrast and bordered framing of text guiding visual navigation through the document.