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Doomsday Prophet

Concept: “Are you a STREET CORNER preacher barking out prophecies at every passerby? Or a wild-eyed bookworm, nose-deep in a YELLOWED TOME filled with nameless scriptures? Perhaps you hold the key to DIVINE BOMB or wield a HOLY HANDGUN giving you the power to smite the unworthy? To convey your SIGNS & PORTENTS, do you wear simple sandwich boards and carry placards, or do you wear the OCULUS OF THE ORACLE?”
Content: A class for the divinely inspired orators or those who make clerical errors, those compelled to share the word of whatever god is speaking to them. 
Writing: Text and font choices work well together to indicate the ravings, or insights, of a doomsayer in CY. Every sentence contributes to a full sense of the class.
Art/Design: Harsh red and yellow color scheme brings to life the mushroom cloud and woodcut image of a prophet character across a pair of two-page spreads.
Usability: Text blocks are organized for easy visual distinction from others, and highlight color choices emphasize mechanics and flavor details. d666 table is particularly intriguing for both generating ideas and affecting the game world.

Vat-Grown Chicken Clone

Concept: “Are you more human than chicken or more chicken than human? Engineered to be tastier, juicier, more finger-licking good. Implanted with a brain that was not your own, and GMOd to decay at a slower rate — so when the skies fall, only you and the cockroaches will be left ruling the roost.”
Content: A class for the egghead who enjoys fowl play, whether it’s original or extra crispy.
Writing: Since this class is an homage to the creator’s “Vat-grown Repli-clone” class, chicken-themed references and puns abound that provide the class with intriguing and unique options/mechanics. 
Art/Design: Wide spread in a yellow/orange color scheme with a graphic of a chicken embryo (much like the repli-clone class’s graphic) toward the left, while three columns of content take up the bulk of the page. 
Usability: Each column of text content has its own visual design, but each provides a consistent presentation to distinguish headings, labels, emphasized text, and so on. Searching/selecting text may cause some issues due to unexpected spacing between and clustering of characters.

Vat-grown Repli-clone

Concept: “Engineered to be better, stronger, faster; implanted with memories that are not your own; and genetically encoded to degrade at an accelerated rate. Live fast, die young embodied. And your time is almost up.”
Content: A class for the discarded or obsolete duplicant who wants their maker to pay for their profane hubris.
Writing: Drawing on iconic literature and film for its inspiration, class features are concisely packed with ideas to spur introspective and destructive roleplay.
Art/Design: Sleek spread layout of class details complemented amazingly with green/pink color scheme to highlight page elements, with a large background illustration of a vat-grown fetus to underscore the character’s origins. 
Usability: While there’s a lot happening on the page, it’s eminently readable, with high contrast and bordered framing of text guiding visual navigation through the document.
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