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Anthony J. Zinni

Assault on the Hills

Concept: “Buried deep within the twisting streets and endless hedge rows of the hills is the mansion of Helon Evontusk. Members of the board have tasked the punks with infiltrating Helon's home and finding a way to remove him from his position as CEO. If they can do this and escape without being captured, they will be rewarded with a massive collection of creds and some cutting-edge cybertech for the effort.”
Content: A job to take down one of the most narcissistic tech entrepreneurs in the Hills–with multiple options provided for dealing with him, each more satisfying than the last. 
Writing: A tongue-in-cheek celebration of billionaire compeuppance. Sensory descriptions, random encounters and events, and NPC details all complement one another to build a vivid scene.
Art/Design: Sleek, mostly black-and-white layouts (with the exception of the cover and an isometric floor plan on the first two pages) that work to evoke the trappings of tech innovation. A set of top-down print-friendly and VTT-ready job site maps is provided as well.
Usability: Text is high-contrast throughout, and page layouts clearly provide visual indication of headings/labels vs. body text, with whitespace used to not only suggest related consent but also to guide reading and navigation through each page.
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