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The Zoo

Concept: “In the post-war world, luxury is often those things that cannot be bought… You need a job, you need the ¤ and you don't care how you get it. So when a slick fixer named Mr Gato gives you a job, you take it. Break into a private zoo, grab a cat and get out. Easy job and good money. Sounds simple, right?  But ain't nothing simple in Cy_city.”
Content: A repo heist in a location full of dangerous animals and that requires a bit of precision. Content warning from author: “Cy_bernetic animals will try to kill you, you will need to defend yourself or end up flat-lined. Also Swearing.”
Writing: Brief but informative stat blocks for enemies and descriptions of locations, with helpful tables offering in-character explanations for diseases, souvenirs, and the sudden appearance of a replacement PC.
Art/Design: Two pages of content; on the first is mostly text with a silhouette of an anonymous client. On the second, an abstract map of the zoo is surrounded by room details and a pair of stylized illustrations of a turtle and a gorilla’s head.
Usability: Text is mostly easy to read, with orange-on-black scheme providing solid contrast. Room numbers on map might be easily overlooked–numbering scheme goes left->right, top->down. 
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